Wednesday, 10 March 2010

March 10th

I have signed up for Shimelle’s new class, and thought I ought to take some photos of my stash!  My room is not very tidy at the moment, because I have boxes all over the place, and I really need to consolidate my latest kits in with the other stash instead of having them all over the floor LOL!

craft 090

Here’s my little trolley, which when I bought it was going to house all my stash!!!!  EEEEEKKKK!  Now it houses paper and cardstock on the top, and projects below.  I don’t really have enough paper and cardstock.  Tonight I was looking for some red cardstock to do a LO and couldn’t find the right one!  I do have other paper and card lying about from recent kits – have to say they are my ‘go-to’ supplies rather than these boxes!

craft 091

Next to the trolley are my photos.  The black albums have holiday photos in all sorted into divided page protectors with the idea that I do a couple of LOs per holiday.  The red albums house photos from the 60s right up to present.  They are my LOM storage binders!  My category drawers are in a CM powersort box which is usually in front of them, but I moved it for the photo!


craft 092

These shelves above the albums mostly hold magazines and tools, but ther is a big box of flowers, a box of tape, and a box of die cuts (all hardly ever used!)

craft 093

Since I put all my ‘big’ brads in one jar (on the right) I have used them much more!  Funny that, because I used to have them sorted by type/colour and never looked at them.  I love to use the big brads with the big flowers in these kilner jars.

craft 096

I hope Shimelle has some ideas for chipboard.  Here’s a drawer full (plus the one below) that I hardly ever look in!


craft 097

Here’s my drawer of fibres, which again I never use.  It’s a shame they have gone out of fashion.

craft 098

Finally here’s my ribbon drawer.  It is fairly well sorted by colour and all the ribbon is in little plastic bags.

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Jane said...

Wow you have quite the stash!!!! Enjoy the class! I've had a friend round for the day crafting with me and so this evening I plan to work on my first prompt :)