Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday 31st January

It’s the end of January already!!!  The evenings and mornings are definately beginning to draw out now, but it isn’t any warmer yet! 

It’s Mum’s birthday today, she is 75 today!  We are off out to Andrew and Lynda’s in a bit for a cup of tea and birthday cake.  As my goal is to lose weight it is my challenge to refuse a piece of cake!  ARRRRRGH! 

I took Merlin for a long walk along the seafront while Maurice watched the tennis.  I took some more 52 walks pictures, including this one which is my favourite house in Worthing.  It’s at the bottom of Grand Avenue:

walk 6 020

Sorry about the bushes in front, but I felt a bit embarrassed about taking this picture so hid behind the bush!

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Jane said...

My husband loves all your pictures of Worthing and the area - I always make sure to show him when you post any! Even the walks on the local hills etc he often recognises because he used to mountain bike there many years ago. His Mom sent us several pages from the Worthing paper a few weeks back of local scenes in the snow - Lloyd liked seeing all his old local pubs in the snow ;)