Friday, 8 January 2010

January 8th

It’s 17 years today since we moved into this house!  We’ve done an awful lot in that 17 years.  It really is time I made an scrapbook album about this house…..


It’s still cold and freezing here, Scotland had the lowest temp ever in the UK last night at –21C!  I guess it was a few degrees below freezing here.

So Lucy and I made a snowman in the back garden today.  It wasn’t really the right kind of snow – too frosty, and it wouldn’t stick together very well.

snow 031

Merlin tried to help!

snow 032

And here he is Mr Frosty!

snow 035

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Chicken Licken said...

Aww he is sweet! Have you seen Derek? We managed to do him before the snow changed to the non-sticky sort!x