Thursday, 7 January 2010

January 6th

Woke up to thick snow this morning.  I live quite close to work so had to walk!  Only me and Judi in today, no meetings or contacts.

First picture is from the end of our road looking back up.

snow 018

This is Grand Avenue, Worthing from the railway end.

snow 019


Burnice said...

Brrrr !

Burnice x

Coffeedoff said...

Love your snow pictures. We are buried in the stuff too!

Jane said...

loyd was sooooo happy to see pictures of his old road - he used to live on Grand Ave - further down on the right....and recognised everywhere in the pics...except your neighbours garden (hahaha). It was lovely to see worthing in the snow!

Our temps are warming up and we are actually all very excited that it might get above freezing this week - very rare for January!!! I was actually able to open my windows today for the first time in two weeks as they weren't frozen shut!! I love fresh air in the house even at - 10c!!!! At -20c they often won't open :(