Saturday, 16 January 2010

january 16th

oops I have missed a couple of days.  Some days I find it so hard to find inspiration, and it is so dark at this time of year!

But today we have spent most of the dya clearing out a junk cupboard in Lucy’s room.  Here’s some of what was in there:

Lucy’s art work from year 10, here’s a self portrait – it really does look like her!

home 003

And here’s all the soft toys!  This is a huge basket full of mostly TY beanie babies, remember those!  Lucy used to love lining them up pn her bed and her bedroom shelves.  Maurice used to go mad whever we bought another one!  Shame they are not worth anything now….  We are going to give them to a charity shop, and hopefully they will be able to sell each one for a couple of quid!  Notice Wallace and Gromit on the top!home 004


Burnice said...

Great self portrait Lucy! Didn't do beanies, did star wars figures tho'!!!!
Burnice x

Karen said...

We've got that same Wallace toy. LOL

Donna said...

Any sheep in there?