Friday, 18 December 2009

Nearly a White Christmas!

It has snowed!

Christmas 065

Christmas 064

Photos taken early this morning across the park with Merlin.  Look at that sky, still heavy with snow!  But shortly after this the sun came out and now we have a lot of muddy slush!


Here’s my favourite photo, taken just now in the garden.

Christmas 076


deb said...

what fab photos Linda - really nice & wintery. We have not had any snow here - but half of me wishes we had so I could get a snowy photo!

Burnice said...

Blimey you should be here! Love the picture you love BTW....

Burnice x

helena said...

love the photos of snow - always hate it when the snow turns to slush - particularly if it then freezes

Karen said...

Great photos Linda. Looks like you had a similar snowfall to us.

scrappysue said...

How lovely to be getting snow so close to Christmas, knew we should have come to the UK for Christmas now! We had 5 minutes of rain this morning, but its sunny and bright again now! Lovely photos too.