Monday, 14 December 2009

Lucy’s birthday party

I am cheating here!  I didn’t take any of these photos!!  But here’s a little taste of Lucy’s birthday party:

‘The theme was ‘dress as a popstar’.  The village people dropped by to sing us YMCA!  (That’s Tom – Lucy’s boyfriend - 3rd from the left)  They had been practising LOL!

lucy's party 009

Freddie Mercury dropped by to say happy birthday to Lucy (who sort of dressed up to be Lady Gaga!)

lucy's party 011

Brittney Spears and Meatloaf came together!  What a suprise!!! (Tom’s Mum and partner)

lucy's party 012

Here’s the mottley crew from college.  I think Posh Spice is in there with her trademark sunglasses on!

lucy's party 014

Here’s a cute photo of Lucy with Tom’s stepbrothers.

lucy's party 023

Tom’s brother, Dad and Lucy

lucy's party 070

And finally, here we are with our gorgeous daughter!

lucy's party 086



Jane said...

What a fun party! It looks like a total blast :) Such wonderful memories for you all :)

Burnice said...

Great pics Linda. She is looking good !!!!! Love Village People! Glad you are enjoying your pressies.
Burnice x

deb said...

It looks like a fab party - your daughter looks gorgeous! It nice to see all her friends joining in with the dressing up theme - it looks like a good time was had by all.