Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day Morning

We opened our presents in bed this year cos we were due at Mum’s for breakfast by 9.30am!


Here’s Nicholas and Maurice looking like Morecombe and Wise!

Christmas 113

Lucy with new gloves and scarf.  Yes that’s my toe in the bottom of the picture!

Christmas 119

It always annoys me that Maurice never buys his own wrapping paper.  This year I thought I had him stumped, there was hardly any left.  Aha!  He will have to buy his own wrapping paper!  But, sadly as you can see, he didn’t.  He just cobbled together enough small bits to cover my present!  (This was a posh new cycle helmet with flowers on it!)

Christmas 120

Breakfast over, it’s time to open more presents!

Here’s my pile, a calendar (flat coated retrievers!) , a book (Chris Evans) and wellies (with stars and stripes on them!)

Christmas 130

My brother Andrew with daughters Izzy and Michelle

Christmas 132

Izzy opening a present containing new jeans.

Christmas 133

Christmas 134

Izzy showing SIL Lynda how to use her new iPOd touch!

Christmas 145b

Michelle and Andrew:

Christmas 147

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deb said...

Linda you look as if you have had a lovely Christmas day with your family. I loved Maurice's beautifully wrapped present!Thought it was lovely to see the photos of you all opening your presents together in bed - toe and all!