Friday, 4 December 2009

Bath in early December!

Just got back from a couple of days in bath, seeing Nicholas.  WE had quite a relaxing time, despite the crowds of people in Bath atm!   (Lots of coach parties come to Bath for the Christmas market)  We spent a while looking round the Christmas market right in the centre of Bath, loads of little huts all dressed up for Christmas with gorgeous Christmassy things for sale!
Bath 008


Bath 015

Bath 011

Then wandered around a bit:

(Nicholas took these!)

Bath 032

Bath 034

Bath 044

Bath 019

Then this morning we wandered up to the Royal Crescent:


Bath 049

Bath 052

Bath 055

What a great thing to do this close to Christmas!


Burnice said...

oooh wondered where you were ! Forgot you were going to Bath. Loving the pic of the merry go round horse. Burnice x

deb said...

Oh Linda - you look as if you have had a fantastic time in Bath - your photos are lovely! They have made me more excited about my planned trip there in February. What an exciting time for you to visit.

Jane said...

Isn't Bath lovely? We used to go there every year Christmas shopping when I was a child! Well, sometimes Bath and sometimes Exeter! There used to be this AMAZING little pie shop in Bath - people would line up for ages at lunch time to buy their apple turnovers and pasties....hhmmm I wonder if it's still there!!

That market looks wonderful - We had a similar one in Edinburgh each Christmas by Princes Street Gardens.

valerie said...

that looks lovely the terraces just make me think jane Austin we are hoping to go to a christmas market today but the weather isn't looking good