Monday, 28 December 2009

28th December

I bought a jigsaw that I thought my Mum and I would do on Christmas Day, but it was just too hard!  We only managed to get the edge pieces and a few other bits in.  It obviously takes very clever people like university students, because Nicholas and his friends have finished it today!  It is a lovely snowy Christmas scene, but that’s what makes it hard, because all the colours are the same!  I can see this becoming a new tradition though – I love doing jigsaw puzzles!

Christmas 181


And here is how you can tell we have students here:

Christmas 183

My lounge has been taken over!  But they have gone out now to Chichester to see a film and have a meal, so we can relax a bit!


Finally for today I have tried and failed miserably to take some nice pictures of the Christmas tree, but this one I took just now isn’t too bad:

Christmas 191b

We decided to go for bronze and gold on the tree, and it does look very nice.  The trouble with the tree is that we put it up too early (it’s a real tree) and it has wilted!  It is looking very dry now.  Next year I must remember to put the tree up a bit later!


deb said...

Wow that's a huge jigsaw - I hope the kids did not crow about their success too much! I had real trouble taking photos of my tree as well - in fact mine were so bad that they never even made it on my blog nor my album - which I am quite sad about as it was a really nice tree this year,

valerie said...

I am always disapointed how my tree pictures come out yours looks pretty good