Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Whole week without posting!

This week has been particularly cRaZy!!  I have been very busy with work and going out that I just haven’t had time to upload any photos – but I have taken them!  I am a bit sad that I have not had time to keep up to date with Shimelle’s class on blogging, but intend to catch up today.  I will post stuff on my other blog Linda’s Life, so feel free to hop over there if you are visiting from Shimelle’s class.


Here are my photos from this week:

We visited Nicholas in Bath on Sunday.  Here he is in his room – through that window is a fabulous view over Bath (but it didn’t photograph very well:()

Bath 005


Monday night I visited Burnice in her craft cabin for some crafting.  It really is absolutely gorgeous, so cosy and roomy!  We spent the evening chatting and stamping each others new Paperartsy stamps, and deciding what to do on future Mondays.

craft 122


craft 123



Tuesday I took some pictures at work of my work colleagues to put up on our notice board.  Not sure I should post them here really.


Wednesday I took some pics of my Christmas binder.  Part of the ‘organising for the holidays’ course over on

family centre 120



family centre 121



Thursday, I was lacking in inspiration!!  So here’s a picture out of the window!  I quite like this one – it shows that the weather was quite nice and bright and the that the trees have nearly lost all of their leaves now.  Our bright autumn colours are nearly over, the nights are drawing in and it is beginning to feel cold.  Winter is approaching.

home 032



On Friday’s I often get together with some friends for coffee.  When they come to me I do a massive tidy and clean as they are both very houseproud!  It was my turn today, so out came my trusty dyson:)


home 034


Saturday was Brighton crop day.  We have a tradition now that we take a group photo in November and all have to scrap it next time in December!  Last year we all wore silly Christmas hats, this year we all wore green and red!

L-R Back row: Me, Lorna, Terri, Janet

L-R Front row: Sylvia, Sue, Sara


craft 127b



Off to find a photo opportunity for today!


deb said...

Oh Linda sorry to hear that you have been so busy - but at least you are taking photos. What a great collection of photos - well apart from the hoover - I seem to have an aversion to housework and anything that reminds me I should be doing it - makes me feel queezy! Love the look of that craft cabin and great idea for your crop photo thing.

Zoechaos said...

Wow what a busy week all captured in pictures love the idea of photographing the dyson something for the time capsul.

BTW think you have solved the problem with Burn's leaking windows, its open! tee hee :)

valerie said...

looks like such a lot of fun for you this week

Lesley said...

What a lovely assortment of pics! Nicholas looks well and happy!! I am very envious of you and Burn having your 'not the Crawley crop' mondays - looks like you had lots of fun together!
Lesley x

Burnice said...

I should sue you for putting that pic of me on !!!!
Burnice x

Karen said...

Lovely set of photos Linda.