Tuesday, 17 November 2009

November 17th

I didn’t work today (working tomorrow and Thursday) so I decided to make some Christmas cards:

craft 150 craft 153

I got a bit frustrated this afternoon, because i wnated to print off some planning forms for my Christmas binder, and found that we have run out of yellow ink!  Why won’t the printer work if all I want is B&W?????!!!!?????  So I cycled into Worthing to buy a new one - £16.99 eeek!!!  And bought some more pressies while I was there…….. 


So I didn’t get as many cards made as I had wanted.


deb said...

What lovely Christmas cards - your friends will be so pleased to receive them. I know what you mean about printer ink - because I am printing off all these 365 photos - I seem to get through so much ink - and yellow especially - it is getting quite expensive. I tend to buy a 6 pack of HP inks from Amazon with 150 sheets of photo paper at about £30 - which helps - a little!

Karen said...

Hi Linda

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I love those Christmas cards - absolutely beautiful.