Sunday, 15 November 2009

November 15th

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This bud on my orchid plant has been growing for ages!  I loom at it every day and wonder when it is going to burst open.  It looks like it won’t be long now.  The orchid plant was a present from a friend for my birthday back in March, and had a lovely long stem of white flowers.  This is a new stem with about 6 buds on it.


And I am still scrapping along with the ukscrappers cybercrop.  This one was for a challenge and also fits in with the weekly challenge!

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It is another LO for Lucy’s 18th birthday album.  This one is of Maurice’s Dad.  He was Polish and came over here in ww2 and never went back.  He used to invite us round for tea, and cook lashings of pork chops ‘Grandad style’, chicken legs, mashed potato, tinned peas, and thick gravy!  Afterwards there would always be a chocolate gateau that he had not taken out of the wrapping to defrost!  The bottom picture shows Lucy blowing out some candles on one such gateau that doubled up as a birthday cakeLOL!


Kim said...


Maria Ontiveros said...

love the anticipation of the bud photo.

deb said...

Hope you are enjoying the cyber-crop - you look as if you have been very productive. I love this layout and the story that is attached to it. hope you bulb flowers before the end of the year!

Karen said...

Love the shot of the Orchid bud. You must show us when it comes out.

kikimama said...

Cute LO, can't wait to see a photo of the opened flower!