Thursday, 12 November 2009

November 11th

worthing 030

Poppy Day, or to give it it’s correct title, Armistice Day seems to be more poignant this year more than ever.  I guess it is mainly because of the growing backlash against the war in Afghanistan and the loss of so many of our soldiers.  For me personally it is so poignant simply because I have children of the age of some of the soldiers who are dying and being maimed.  It makes me so sad to see photos of the soldiers who have been killed.  They all look so handsome and brave!  They have their whole loves before them!  Whatever the rights and wrongs of our presence in Afghanistan, I feel for the families who are losing loved ones.


My picture is of the poppies by the war memorial in Worthing.  It was dark when I took it today, but I love the almost vignetted look to the photo!  Mum and I were sad to see that 3 of these crosses have the same surname – Carnaby.  I wonder which war they died in, probably WW2.  Were they brothers?  or cousins maybe?

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deb said...

very poignant photo. How sad to loose so many out of the same family. We are so lucky not to live through such awful times in this country.