Saturday, 24 October 2009

October 24th

I just have to show you this picture!  I am sooo pleased with how the dining room looks now I have it ready for my dinner guests tonight!

home 018

I have been working on sorting and organising my craft stuff for several weeks, nay months!  This is the end result, that we can eat in there! YAY!


Cos this is what it looked like before I started:

Burn's BBQ 013


Burnice said...

Cor blimey - what a transformation. Where did you put it all. Is it a case of "DON'T OPEN THAT CUPBOARD DOOR"!!!!
Well done. Burnice x

Chicken Licken said...

OMG Linda what a job! And yes it looks lovely now! How long will it stay like that!!!!!

deb said...

Wow what a transformation - but where are you going to do your scrapping now???

Lesley said...

Well done you! What an achievement! Looks fabulous!
Lesley x

Coffeedoff said...

Wow it was worth all the tidying. I need to get on with mine now!