Wednesday, 14 October 2009

October 14th


craft 054

I rarely buy sweets, but I made an exception today!  I am going to the Paperartsy/LB Crafts retreat in Milton Keynes this weekend with my good friends, Burnice and Lesley.  I decided we might need some midnight snacks…. so-  Burn and Lesley, this picture is for you!


Karen said...

Oooo yum! Looks like that will be a good midnight feast. :)

Burnice said...

They'll do for me Tommy !!!! What are you two going to have?

Burn x

valerie said...

ooh I am so jealous what a fab time I often pop into LB crafts when I'm on a visit in Olney and she is always so helpful and shares what she knows have a great weekend enjoy the choclate

Lesley said...

I obviously missed out being 2 floors below you both haha!
Did Burn eat it all?
Lesley x