Thursday, 8 October 2009

Meal Deal October 8th

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Whenever I go shopping for food, I always put other things in my trolley that are not on my list!  I had already decided that my photo of the day would be of my ‘extras’, before I went shopping.  So here it is: Waitrose’s ‘Meal Deal’.  For £10, I have lamb shoulder steaks, pack of vegetables to make an Irish Stew, a pudding (autumn berry cobbler'), and a bottle of wine.  Bargain eh?  That’s Sunday’s tea sorted – might even invite Mum over to join us!


Karen said...

Oooo can we all come?? LOL

deb said...

Great idea for a photo - like how you have put the crock pot ready in the photo. I wonder if it would be cheaper to do online shopping so that we are not tempted to put all these extras in our trolleys!

Lesley said...

Lesley x