Tuesday, 22 September 2009

LSNED day 22

Here's a better picture taken on Wednesday!

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo! I might take another one tomorrow in the light. Perhaps my lesson should be to not take photos after dark! The flash on my Nikon is USELESS! Anyway this is a 'before' picture of my 3 dresser drawers. I had an 'aha!' moment today on my Organise 101 course (http://www.simplify101.com/). Aby suggests a very tiny project to use as a learning tool, but I thought I could do the whole of my dining/draft room! After reading lesson 3, I decided to tackle these 3 drawers. They house mostly stuff that I never use! How silly is that! They are right behind me when I sit at the table to scrap, so 'prime real estate'! So they are going to emptied and reorganised with scrapbooking related things. Watch this space for the 'after' photo!

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Coffeedoff said...

I like this idea, I so need to get my whole house organised.