Thursday, 17 September 2009

LSNED day 16

Today I learned that if you keep doing a little bit of gardening regularly, it doesn't get out of hand and become overwhelming! Mum has been helping me over the winter and this summer. I guess we garden for about 2 hours once or twice a month. Even that small amount of time has kept the garden reasonbly tidy this summer! (I am not very pleased with this photo, unfortunately the sun had gone from the garden by the time I took this - and the grass needs cutting - that's DH's job!)


Karen said...

I totally agree. Our back garden is usually neglected but this year we've tried to keep on top of it and it has generally looked much better. The photos you've posted of your garden have been lovely so your hard work must be paying off too.

deb said...

wish I had learnt this lesson - my garden is a neglected mess at the moment - whereas yours looks lovely!