Thursday, 17 September 2009

LSNED day 14

Today I learned that it is not so bad to say NO! Burnice and I have been going to Crawley crop for quite a while, and we do enjoy it. They really are a very nice bunch of girls. But, it is getting a bit expensive now it's run as a Stamping Up crop, and it is a very long way to go on dark Monday evenings. So we decided to say we won't go anymore. But, we were nervous about saying it!!! But everyone understood, and they said nice things about us, so it wasn't so bad after all! Here's the LO I made tonight. Gorgeous colours!


Lesley said...

Well done! It's always tricky saying no. What will you do on those Monday nights now then?
Lesley x

deb said...

It is very hard to say no - so well done for being brave. Fab layout.