Thursday, 27 August 2009

WEdnesday 26th August

After the paper clutter course I have been doing over on, I decided to try out the freebie course, Help I don't know where to begin!', aimed at helping you make a start on clearing the clutter in your home. Here's one of my 'clutter' areas, the kitchen sink windowsill. I have since decluttered it a bit, but wouldn't it be lovely to have it so clear that I could just wipe it down without having to move loads of stuff first! My friend (who I went to see this afternoon) has the most clutter free home I know, and I am jealous!!! (But then you can't be a crafter and have a clutter free home can you?)


deb said...

Why does everything gravitate to the kitchen window sill??? Even though I clear mine every now & then it soon ends up just as bad! Hope yours is looking spick & span now.

Karen said...

No, you can't be a crafter and have a clutter free home! I can vouch for that. LOL