Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday 16th August

It would have been Dad's birthday today so we all went out for lunch to celebrate! We went to a rather posh Italian restaurant right on the beach at East Preston, the Bella Vista. It was one of Dad's favourites, and Mum wanted to treat us for all the help we had given for her kitchen. So from the left working backwards, we have SIL Lynda, DB Andrew, Mum, DS Nicholas, DN Michelle, DD's boyfriend Tom, DD Lucy, me, and DH maurice. That window behind us looks right out onto the beach, and it is the end of the greensward where I love to walk Merlin. And the food was excellent!


deb said...

Ahh that sounds like a nice treat on what would have been your father' It looks a very nice place birthday.

Karen said...

Lovely to get a family photo and nice way to mark the occasion.