Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Monday 20th July

Having just started my new job (this is the second week) I am finding it difficult to find time to take photos on a Monday as I work all day. Once I get used to the new routine, all will be fine! So I took my cmaera with me on my dog walk at 8pm. The sky was overcast and it was abit gloomy - not my kind of light for taking photos! Anyway I turned up with these 2, which have both been tweaked in photoshop.

The overgrown house is just down the road from here. A couple of years ago, a builder bought 3 houses all in a row to knock down and build flats. They paid a really exhorbitant price for the 3 properties. The first one was converted into flats, and has only just been filled with tenants after not being able to sell any of the flats for over 1 year! The other 2 have not been touched, and there is no sign of them being worked on. I guess the builder lost a lot of money in this scheme.

The beach scene has that desolate look about it, which is just how it felt last night, cool, damp, grey, windy - dead miserable! Where has our nice summer sunshine gone?


deb said...

aahh they are both sad photos. Its a shame that people got greedy and saw knocking houses down as a way of making a fast buck. Just think families could be living in those remaining houses. I think summer came & went in the blink of an eye - at least we all managed to get some summery shots before it disappeared.

Karen said...

I like the beach shot - looks more like winter than peak summer. LOL