Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Catching up

Wednesday 1st July

OMG July already!!!! I have just been to the hairdressers, so here's a pic takne in the mirror to show off my new hairdo! Actaully it's not a new hairdo, just some colour to hide the grey, and a trim. I do like it though!

Tuesday 30th June

Getting DS to help round the home is like getting blood from a stone! So I decided to ask him to sweep the patio today. Still need to nag him several times, but he did do it and here's the evidence! He made quite a good job of it too!

Monday 29th June

My goal today was to get my ironing done! Just about did it! I have severely cut down on my ironing lately to try and save time, but still have to do sheets and duvet covers, just because I love the feel of freshly ironed sheets!LOL


Zoechaos said...

Well the hair looks different from the banner photo! Good to get a lift from getting your hair done.

love all your pictures they seem so happy and jolly and candid1

deb said...

Lovely set of photos Linda. I like your funky new hair cut and I do like your new blog heading. Its nice to see the slves - opps children do some chores. Jess s home now but insists she needs to rest after her hard time at uni! Love the sheets photo - nice angle & colours.