Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Colour week

I have been inspired by Shimelle's colour project on her website: Here's the first 3 days:

Monday Green
LOL these little cup things are so funky! They are egg poachers, and I bought them from Waitrose just the other week. I haven't tried them out yet though! That's my basil plant in the background.

Tuesday Red
My red ferrari hat, bought at Goodwood festival of Speed a few years ago. I love that embroidery of the ferrari racing car on the front!

Wednesday Black/Grey
Well, it just had to be my Black Dog didn't it?


Karen said...

Nice choice of subjects Linda. Especially love the photo of your dog!

Coffeedoff said...

Oh I like this idea of finding a colour to photograph. Great choice of pictures too!

Lesley said...

I love these colour themed photos Linda, and of course Merlin had to feature!!
Lesley x

Alison said...

Fantastic photos! Especially like your egg poachers.