Monday, 18 May 2009

Sunday and Monday

Monday 19th May

Merlin looking glum after getting back from our morning walk! He had us up in the night - barking to be let out - and we didn't have a very good night's sleep after that. S'OK for him - he sleeps all day!LOL

Sunday 18th May

Some of my purchases from the Craft Barn on Saturday. The Italian stamps are for my Rome and Venice holiday albums (gosh they were really expensive but I couldn't resisit!). The box at the bottom of the pic was what I made at the Metals workshop. It was fab, and of course we had to buy all the tools and some sheets of metal!LOL


joanold said...

An interesting looking hoard. those little pots look intriguing

Coffeedoff said...

He does look fed up!

Minty Magic said...

Looks a productive shopping expedition and love that metal box.

valerie said...

bless him he looks realy tired

deb said...

oooh new stash - I am jealous!