Thursday, 7 May 2009

Need for speed!

Thursday 7th May
Took some pics of my Honda CRV as I am just about to have my first advanced driving lesson! DH bought me the pack for my 50th birthday. I get 6 or so lessons, then take my test to become a member of the Institute of Advanced Drivers. ooh I am nervous now!

Wednesday 6th May
Every Wednesday I have a cool box of organic vegetables deliverd to my door by Riverford ( We love them! They give a really good range each week, and I am trying new vegetables all the time (this week for example, wet garlic and rhubarb - I never bought rhubarb before!)


Coffeedoff said...

Yummy veg!

Minty Magic said...

Good luck for the driving - there is no way I would voluntarily re-take my test.

deb said...

I love rhubarb crumble - but no one else in the family does - so if you make some - please send me a bowl up! Good luck with your advanced driving test - great 50th pressi.