Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Tuesday 26th May

I went to RHS Wisley with Mum on a BPS outing. It was great going on the coach, but we didn't get as much time as we normally have, which was a little frustrating - and I guess we would have bought more if we'd been in the car!

Here's 3 pics,

1 Irises in the trials field, wow what a blaze of colour!

2 The new greenhouse. It is looking really fab now things are beginning to grow and fill out both inside and around it. It is 18 months since we last went, so it was good to see the change.

3 These alliums just looked like floating golbes above a sea of grass! Superb planting!

And finally, here's my photo for BH MOnday! I just loved this label!!


Coffeedoff said...

Lovely set of photos. Looks like a great place to visit!

deb said...

Great photos Linda. I really like the shape of the greenhouses and the colour of the iris's.

sue law said...

Thanks for the piccys of Wisley, they're lovely....Dad was a volunter there before his heart attack and went back after to help with their digital photo have to see the monocot border in all its glory!!!! I'll have to scan my piccy it is so beautiful! takes your breath away!

Karen said...

Beautiful photos.