Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sunday Monday Tuesday in Rome!

Just got back from Rome. Having taken over 200 photos, it is hard to pick just one from each day! So here are some more unusual shots that show the essence of Rome (well I think so!)

Easter Sunday

Scooters are everywhere in Rome!

Couldn't really miss out this iconic building - the Colosseum

Easter Monday

Some gorgeous windowsills in Piazza Navonne

The Spansh steps, behine the horse waiting patiently to take some tourists for a ride in his trap!


The day we visited the Vatican. I love this shot of people touching the feet of St Peter. His toes were very shiny from the millions of hands that have touched them.

So many great photos to show you! More on my other blog, Linda's life.


jo said...

Fab photos - would love to go there.

valerie said...

lucky you fab weekend by the looks of it

deb said...

Oh Linda - your photos are lovely - I can see why it would be hard to choose just one each day.

Coffeedoff said...

Lovely photos.