Monday, 21 January 2008


Sorry for the poor quality photo! I wanted to take a photo of my poor old engagement ring! It got pulled out of shape a couple of months ago when Merlin pulled on the lead! I MUST get it to the jewellers to be mended, and it probably wants resizing now.

It was DH's grandmother's ring. I don't think it is particluarly valuable, it has 2 small sapphires and a diamond set into a sort of swirl setting (very trendy now!! LOL)

Due to poor light and the fact I don't ownm a macro lens, I decided to take the photo of it perched on top of this chinese box, which also has a ring on it! Please excuse the dust LOL!


Di said...

Same as me. I got my ring caught in a doorhandle somehow.. ugh! Love that you put your ring on that box.. That design is beautiful! x

Caz said...

I also got my ring caught and had to take it to be reshaped. Love the chinese design box.

maz said...

Oh poor ring- bad dog! Good idea to take the shot of it on the box:-)

Sarah said...

Shame the ring got damaged, hope you manage to get it fixed. Good idea to use the box - two rings for the price of one!

etteY said...

fab shot!

Rachael said...

What a shame about your ring :( At least we got to see that gorgeous box. x