Saturday, 1 December 2007


Being new to this SPS, I thought I'd better take this picture! I took it a few mins ago in the bathroom mirror! I took it in landscape, and cropped it to portrait. I think I look a bit scary LOL!!
I just need to take a few words to tell you how much I love my camera! It's a Nikon D70s, so an older model and only 6mp. But it takes the most fabulous photos! This photo for example has not been tweaked at all and the exposure and colour are just right. It has a 18-70mm zoom lens which I find very practical. The only thing I would like to add would be a macro lens, because I love taking mega closeups!


Hazel said...

Good to see you and your camera! it's obviously a good one and I can see why you love it. Adorable 'soft' photo!

Anonymous said...

Great shot Linda and sooo jealous of your new camera :D
Just loving your recent photos too especially the pampas grass... I used to have some in my old garden and I loved it even though it was huge.