Thursday, 29 November 2007

Rough, smooth and bristle!


A big puddle in the car park where I like to walk the dog. I love the reflections in the smooth water


Would you call these bristles? It's my pampas grass in the front garden. I have a real love/hate relationship with pampas grass! Love the sun shining through the bristles/fronds in September, but hate how it gets blown about by the wind, and having to cut it down in the spring!


some peeling paintwork on a beach hut near here. I took loads of photos of the beach huts while doing Cheryl's photo course. I really must make a mini album of them, and maybe frame a few for the wall!

This is a cheat's catch up! None of these are photos I have taken this week, but I have loved looking through my photo files to find photos that fit the brief! Will use my camera tomorrow I promise!

Catching up with this week's prompts. I had minor surgery on Tuesday, and am now recovering from the after effects of anaesthesia! YUK!


Aubrey Harns said...

These are all great shots. I love the reflection pond!

Hazel said...

Hope your recovery goes well. These are great photos - my favourite is the 'rough' one.

Rachael said...

Great catch up and I love the peeling paint. Hope your getting over your procedure. x

amandamagpie said...

Great catch up. The 'rough' one is my favourite too. Hope you are soon fully recovered. x