Monday, 7 December 2015

Me on a Monday

It was a ‘is it a dog or a reindeer?’ sort of weekend!


I opened my advent parcel number 6 yesterday and was delighted to find a pair of pink Christmassy doggie socks!  Tash (who organised my advent box) insists that it is a reindeer!  I can see that you might think that it is a reindeer as it has a red nose, but I’d really rather they were doggie!  What do you think?  (By the way it’s lip gloss in the little gingerbread man!)

Talking of doggies, it was a ‘trying to keep our little dog quiet’ sort of weekend after his little op last week – not easy when you’re a springer spaniel!.  He is bashing into everything with his ‘lampshade’!  Here’s a blurry picture of him.  There’s a few more days of wearing his lamshade, but he is on the mend now.


Joining in with Sian for Me on a Monday.  Do hop over and see who else has taken part.


Sian said...

Dog or reindeer, they're certainly cheery and will brighten many a Monday morning from now on I'm sure!

Hope the patient continues to recover and that you enjoy your week

Louise H said...

Get well wishes to your dog. I think I'd go for very odd looking reindeer but if you prefer dogs I'm with you all the way.
Have a super week.

Patio Postcards said...

Oh poor Barney, hoping that he is right as rain soon - oops maybe a bad expression to use right now, the news is showing that most of Britain is getting a horrific storm. I like your pink socks, I'd go with reindeer but if you squint, it could be dogs (col). Happy week ahead ...

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm leaning toward to reindeer. Aw, your poor pup. I always think pets with cones are such a sad sight, even though it is for their own good.

alexa said...

I'm not sure I could tell ... but am fascinated by the gingerbread man lip gloss. Sorry to see Barney is such a restricted form (I sympathise!) and hope he will be better very soon.