Sunday, 27 January 2008

sps and sos

Two self portraits today! This one Maurice took for me, becasue I want it for my A-Z of everyday things album, A is for anorak!! The second photo is my wellington footprint in the sand.

Here's my show off picture! Taken this morning on the beach - which is still full of wood washed up from the ship that sunk off Portland Bill recently. It was a really gorgeous morning, and I managed to get a few 'blurry backgrounds'.

Monday, 21 January 2008


Sorry for the poor quality photo! I wanted to take a photo of my poor old engagement ring! It got pulled out of shape a couple of months ago when Merlin pulled on the lead! I MUST get it to the jewellers to be mended, and it probably wants resizing now.

It was DH's grandmother's ring. I don't think it is particluarly valuable, it has 2 small sapphires and a diamond set into a sort of swirl setting (very trendy now!! LOL)

Due to poor light and the fact I don't ownm a macro lens, I decided to take the photo of it perched on top of this chinese box, which also has a ring on it! Please excuse the dust LOL!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


This wonderful kit from Scrapagogo arrived in the post today (along with a CJ and a kit from Scrapping Angels!) This is a real indulgence - it is soooo exciting to open the yellow box and stroke the contents! Trouble is, that's all I seem to do with it! So sadly, I have decided to stop my subscription and start to use the kits.


Like lots of you others, I have CDs all over the house! Here is the little pile by my bed, kept on a little coffee table with the radio/cd player. I love to play calming music while I read my book in bed. (Helps tocover up the slurping noises I make while drinking my hot chocolateLOL!!!)


A bit late, but here is my SOS for this week. I went down to exeter for the weekend to stay with friends from Tanda Stamps forum, and these beautiful threads were on a stall at the craft show we went to.

Thursday, 10 January 2008


I havea pile of old tapestries and cross stitches in the bottom drawer of my dressing table! Here's the very first one I did. I have never had it on display.
I used to do a fair bit of cross stitch and tapestry. I still have a beautiful cushion half done, which I still mean to finish off one day. It is an Elizabeth Bradley one and it has auriculas on it. It is absolutely gorgeous! The colours in the cushion are so subtle, but that has been the main problem - you can't see the difference in the poor light of winter, which is when I want to do stitching! I have finished the flowers, it's just the black background to do now. Perhaps I'll get it out again now!


I keep my everyday necklaces and earrings in the this little dish on my dressing table. I bought the dish on holiday in Spain or Portugal (can't remember where exactly!)
I don't really 'do' bling! I don't have any jewellery that is worth anything. The only time we ever spent money on jewellery was in Bangkok, 25 years ago! Our rep kept taking us to all these gem factories! We bought a few bits, which I still have, and hardly ever worn. Not sure it's worth anything now though


Towels folded in my airing cupboard.

Sunday, 6 January 2008


We had a lovely walk this morning along the beach at Worthing. I rarely use my lens on widest angle - 18mm, must do it nore often!


oops! Already fallen at the first post! I have only just taken this shot this morning. Perhaps I will have to amke a resolution to do at least 3 hsms photos each week rather than all of them.