Thursday, 24 June 2010

Come on England – part 2!

This was supposed to be the photo on yesterday’s post!

52 walks 001

Loads of cars are driving round with these flags clipped to their windows!  I know a rude joke about them, but I won’t tell you that here!  And did you know that having these flags increases your petrol consumption by 3 mph per flag, because of the drag?


Anyway, my post yesterday was to give the England time my good luck wish!  They didn’t need it, because they finally played well YAY!  They beat Slovenia 1-0, which means they go to the knock out stage of the World Cup.  They are playing Germany (our old rivals – don’t mention the war!!!) on Sunday afternoon. 



Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nicholas – Budding photographer

I say budding, these photos are better than any we took!

Photos taken Sunday evening on a walk along the Rife at Ferring

2010-06-20 001 006 2010-06-20 001 015 2010-06-20 001 022 2010-06-20 001 034 2010-06-20 001 049

This little dog is called Frankie and we chatted for while to his rather eccentric owner!

How cute is this???

2010-06-20 001 066 2010-06-20 001 071 2010-06-20 001 072

Sunday, 20 June 2010


52 walks 018

I took this picture last night on our dog walk.  Isn’t the light fantastic?  I don’t think I have ever seen the horizon as sharop as that!  Means bad weather is coming:(

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sandown Quilt show

I went to Sandown quilt show yesterday with my chums, Burnice, Freda (thanks for driving!) and Maureen.  I spent loads of money, ands saw some beautiful quilts:

craft 278 craft 267 craft 268 craft 270 craft 272 craft 273

These were all in the class: Barbados Beckons.  I love the bright, colours, such fun!


I did a workshop with Sally Holman.  She is brilliant!  We made a little beach scene, using foundation piecing and texturing.  Here’s what mine lloks like now I have done a bit more to it.  It still needs quilting, and some embellishment:

craft 284


And finally, here’s a picture of my new fabric and stuff:

craft 285


Let’s see how long it takes to actually use it all!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Macro practise in the garden

It is a blue sky with fluffy clouds day today:

garden 123

So although I should be tidying up and getting ready for Maurice’s brother and sister in law coming for dinner tomorrow, I thought I would take a few moments to practise with my macro lens in the garden.  There are some gorgeous flowers out right now:


I love these little daisy like flowers that start out pink but fade to white.

garden 125

I have loads fo purple aquilegia that have self seeded around the garden.  This one is in the gravel of the patio

garden 127

This red valerian also self seeds!  It is really lovely at this time of year but looks a mess for the rest!

garden 128

This yellow flag iris is all on it’s own in a dark corner of the garden, but I managed to capture it in it’s own ray of sunshine!

garden 130


I love the papery pink flowers of this cistus, but unfortunately they don’t last long. garden 132

Johnson’s Blue geranium

garden 133


More self seeds!  The foxgloves have made a welcome return to the garden after a year or two’s absence.

garden 134

Thsi is one of those huge alliums, a big globe head of starry flowers.

garden 141


This is a pot of osteospurnum, in a lovely dark coral pink colour, which fade as they age.

garden 145 garden 144

Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Crafty Day out

I went to the Craft Barn today with my Brighton crop girls.  It was a special demo day there, my was it busy!  We were queueing all round the shop and out the door at one point!  Anyway here are some of the coolest demonstrators:

Leandra from Paperartsy

craft 257

Lin from LB Crafts

craft 258

Julie Hickey from Craftwork cards

Sue Wilson from Creative Expressions

And last but not least, the great Suze Weinberg!

craft 263

Plus of course LOTS of retail therapy!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Bakers Dozen

This is a really awesome class from Big Picture Scrapbooking!  It is run by Darcie Dowdle (wow what a name!!) who is Stacy Julian’s sister!  We started by collecting some bits each day and storing them in a decorated egg box:

craft 235

Crazy huh?


Next we collected 13 envelopes with photos.  Now we get an email each day some days a scrapbook page, some days a scrapbook tip.  I love Darci’s style, and here are my first 3 LOs:

craft 245 craft 246 craft 244

All scrapbook papers and embellies are from my wonderful kits from Cocoa Daisy.  I absolutely love the papers and colours they choose, and am always ordering lots of their add-on kits too!

The photos were so easy to find thanks to Library Of Memories class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  I now have categories and LOM albums.  These LOs go in the US album.

Sunday, 6 June 2010



craft 242

We had great fun at our crop yesterday doing a ‘chinese whispers’ page!  We each glued some photos onto a piece of cardstock (I chose these photos of flowers in Worthing town centre – I also added the title and the patterned paper), and then passed the page round for everyone to add an embellishment!  I love the result!  Lorna added the gorgeous felt lace that echoes the railings, and Sara added the gold bling to the centres!  Thanks girls!!

Friday, 4 June 2010

2 nights in a row!!!

Well, we were unexpectedly offered tickets to go and see George Benson at the Brighton Centre last night!

george benson 003

WOW!  What a cool dude!!!  He was absolutely awesome!!!  (And not quite so loud and we were definately in the right age group, AND we knew ALL his songs!!)

Unfortunately my photos inside are really blurred:

george benson 021

The white blob in the centre is the man himself!  You can see that we had good seats, in fact, right in the middle of the south balcony, row B.  I just love his laid back jazz guitar and his singing!


This concert rates in our top 10 concerts of all time, he really was awesome, what a great night, and how great that we got the opportunity to go, even though it was 2 nights in a row!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ear Damage!

Last night we went to see the Stereophonics live at the Brighton Centre:

It is a very long time since we saw a band live at the Brighton Centre!  Not since the 1980s when we used to go to quite a few gigs.  So it was with a little bit of trepidation that we went, – would it be too loud for us? – would we look out of place being ‘oldies’? – we don’t even know their music that well!

stereophonics 036 

Yes it was EXTREMELY loud, and no we didn’t know everything they played, but we were by no means the oldest there, and we really enjoyed ourselves!

stereophonics 011

As you can see the light show was pretty amazing! 

stereophonics 018 stereophonics 020 stereophonics 024

Here they are playing Dakota for you!