Tuesday, 24 October 2017



Yesterday was our wedding anniversary - 39 years!  So, appropriately as we were married in the 1970s we went to see a concert with 1970s popstars!  'Legends Live 2017' at the Brighton Centre was fantastic

First was Hot Chocolate - it is surprising how many hits they had!  Their 'new' lead singer was very good and sounded like Errol Brown. The whole audience got on their feet when they sang 'You Sexy Thing'! 

Then the Osmonds - just Merrill, Jay and Jimmy. Pleased to see Jimmy as he is very well known over here. They came on blasting out 'Crazy Horses', brilliant! Their performance was perhaps a little clinical, they might slightly overdo the professionalism, but still very enjoyable.  I must admit that the Osmonds were not really my cup of tea back in the 1970s, so I was surprised to find myself seeing them play live!

After an interval David Essex came on. He is 70 now but can still sing! (A lot of the ladies were there for him, when he sang 'Do you want to be my wife?' all the ladies in the audience shouted YES!) His best song was 'Oh What A Circus' from Evita. He is a brilliant musical singer! 

The finale was Suzi Quatro. She wore her tight fitting leather suit, and belted out her songs for all she was worth! She did have to work hard to get audience participation, maybe a lot of people were there for the Osmonds and David Essex really.

We have spent the year going to live music events from as many different genres as we can find, more on this in a later blog post.  This event was a lot of fun, but maybe not the best musically speaking!